Food Industry Partnership

Food chain partnership is the relation Bayer ES has with actors of the food industry: Food manufacturers, processors, retailers, restaurants and hotel chains with the objective to achieve food safety while maintaining pest control using selected pest control operators partners. With our expertise in professional pest management, Bayer is committed to provide first-choice solutions that meet the needs of food industry and pest control partners looking for high standards.

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Rei do Mate is a pioneer of the food chain franchise industry in the Brazilian market. Operations began during the 1970’s, and the company has been steadily growing, with a country-wide presence of 335 stores.

Rei do Mate has chosen a partnership with Environmental Science for its pest control needs due to its experience, knowledge and expertise in the food industry sector.

The alliance is strategic and aims to benefit franchisees with the credibility of the Bayer name and the quality of their services. João Batista Director of Franchise, Rei do Mate